Give us this day, our daily bread...

"Will that be for here or to go?" the Panera Bread cashier asked with a smile as she rang up my order for a Mediterranean veggie sandwich with creamy tomato soup. Her "here or to go" question made me think about how so many people seem to be eating on the run these days. Everywhere you look, fast food eateries with drive-thru windows line the commercial landscapes of many communities. Hunger aside, the fast food industry's success has more to do with making their food convenient, fast and readily accessible than with how nutritious the food is.

The idea of convenience and accessibility has even spread to supermarkets, which now offer an ever expanding choice of freshly prepared foods and whole meals that are grab and go, heat and eat ready. I once watched a woman assemble an entire Thanksgiving dinner that way, including a fully cooked turkey with all the trimmings. The food industry has consumers all figured out. It's all about convenience, taking something that people need and want, like food, and making it readily accessible to them 24/7.

The Gospel to Go: Inspiration for Everyday Life was designed with this same idea in mind --- taking the Gospel and offering it in a convenient, readily accessible platform, available 24/7 from any Internet enabled device. Click on  Blog Archive, to find soul stirring, heart provoking messages of faith, hope and healing to help you cope with some of the real life situations you may face every day. Perhaps you've come here seeking answers for a difficult time in your life; or maybe, you were surfing the Internet and just happened upon this site. Whatever the reason, it's no accident you're here. I believe God intended it. My prayer is that you'll receive the answer you're seeking, and come away inspired and encouraged with a renewed sense of hope each time you visit. Feel free to share prayer needs or comments. Know someone in need of some Good News? Share this blog with a friend on Facebook or recommend it via Twitter.

Light in a messenger's eye brings joy to the heart,
and good news gives health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30 NIV


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