Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What to do when your life needs rebuilding

Upscale hotels have replaced the outdated AM/FM radio with a new compact cube that lets you listen to music on your IPAD, MP3 or USB player. Pretty fancy, huh?. I decided to give it a try. When I connected my MP3 player to the cube, the player's screen lit up, then suddenly went blank. There was no music, no radio— nothing. I was upset. This cube had sucked the life out of my MP3 player! I was frustrated, yet unwilling to throw it away. So, I decided to take my MP3 player home, and see if there was any hope of getting it to work again. I wasn't sure I could, but it was worth a try.

At home I attached one end of a UBS adapter to my MP3 player and the other end to a UBS imput on my computer. Immediately, the MP3 player lit up and I saw the word, REBUILDING, appear on the screen. After a few anxious moments, my MP3 player was restored to its original state. My music had been restored.

This incident got me thinking about how life is a lot like my MP3 player. Sometimes you get attracted to and hooked up with the wrong people or things, and they end up sucking the life out of you. Your wrong thing might be alcohol, drugs, overeating, sex, lying, stealing, cheating, cutting, killing, gang banging or anything else that you know isn't good for you. You see the damage you're doing to yourself, but you feel powerless to disconnect from your self-destructive lifestyle. You continue on this crooked path, ignoring the pleadings and warnings of others to turn your life around, until one day all the light in your life goes out, and you hit rock bottom.

I don't know what rock bottom may be for you, but mine was being alone in a dark room contemplating ending my life. At that moment, I heard a voice gently call me. Even now, I believe it was the voice of God. That night I listened, called out to God and He saved my life.
But I call to the Lord God for help, and he will save me. Psalm 55:16
Truly, it's the only way out of whatever you're dealing with. God doesn't want you to suffer. He loves you, and wants to fill your life with blessings, not curses. For your part, you've got to want to make a change, and be willing to give the broken pieces of your life to Jesus Christ, and let Him rebuild you.
    Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is new. 2 Corinthians 5:17
What are you waiting for? You can start your rebuilding process right now. Click here to find out how.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Learn to appreciate what God has given you

Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praise Give thanks to Him, bless His name. - Psalm 100:4
I remember when I was just about eight years old sitting down to dinner at my Grandmother's house. The table was set with her special Devon Cottage dinner plates with their distinctive blue floral pattern. As Grandma stood stirring pots on the stove, I remember being really hungry that day and couldn't wait to get a taste of her home cooking. While she was still at the stove, Grandma called out to me: "Carolyn, say the grace." Something we did before every meal in her house. Looking down at my empty plate and then,  back at my grandmother, I responded, "But Grandma, there's no food on the plate?" My youthful observation made Grandma laugh, but I learned a lesson that day that you don't always have to see God's blessings to be thankful for them. Even though no food was on the plate, I knew I would eat that day, and that in itself was reason to be thankful.

Nowadays, people take so much for granted. For a nation that has been so enormously blessed by God, America is moving toward a society that feels God no longer has a place in its national life. Whole towns and communities have gone so far as to outlaw public mention of God or any expression of Christian traditions and symbols. We're fast becoming an ungrateful nation.

And what about you? How thankful are you for what God has given you? Perhaps you're living in the lap of luxury with no need of anything. You can thank God for blessing you with wealth. Even if you're facing an empty plate right now, you can be thankful for having a plate— trusting God to supply the food. The scriptures tells us that the Lord "will never leave us or forsake us" (Hebrews 13:5). Years ago, I was an eight year old kid saying grace over an empty plate, and from that day to this, I have never gone hungry or had to wonder where my next meal was coming from.

God's faithfulness extends to every aspect of the believer's life because he cares that much for us. As a matter of fact, And not only that God's blessings extend to those who don't believe. Learn to appreciate what God has given you. You can depend on God to always keep His promises.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Help me, my life's a mess

"Decide what you need to live simply and get rid of the rest."
Life gets messy at times, especially when you clutter it with too many things — possessions, obligations, commitments, and even people. And if you're not careful, the clutter can spread to your thinking and emotions in the form of  bad thoughts, including past hurts, grievances, traumas, anger, hatred, negative emotions, disappointments, broken promises and unconfessed sin. Before too long, you'll find yourself buried under their weight. You look for help to move this mountain. But "Who will help me," you ask?

Naturally, your first thought might be to ask a friend or family member for help. But they have their own problems and can't or won't lift a finger to help you solve yours. With no hope in sight, you reach a low point, ready to give up. But wait, when you think there's no hope, there's help available. Psalm 121 was written by a man who knows what it's like to be depressed and alone. He wrote:
I will lift up my eyes to the hills

From whence comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth. (Psalm 121)

This man knew that the only one who could help him is God. The answer for a messed up, mixed up, cluttered life is Jesus Christ. Comparing the life of Jesus, the bible says that Jesus never had a place to call home; his only possessions were the clothes on his back. And yet, he considered himself to be rich.

His wealth came from his close relationship with his father. God, the father, God the son, it doesn't get any closer. But, what's even more amazing is that Jesus sacrificed his life for our sins so that we could know that same closeness with God. Jesus came to remove the clutter of sin from our lives, so that we would know the freedom that comes with having our sins forgiven. Not only did Jesus clean up broken lives and heal broken bodies, he changed people's hearts and made them better. Look at what the scriptures say:
Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:16-18)
And you know the best part, you don't have to clean up your own life, or get rid of the clutter yourself or anything of the sort. He'll do it for you, if you ask him. Let Jesus clean up the clutter in your life. He'll forgive your sins, and give your life new meaning. Look up, it's where your help comes from.
Jesus, I need your help. I know I messed things up and I am sorry. Please forgive me. I open my heart up to you. I want you to take control of the clutter in my life. I believe you are the son of God who died on the cross for my sins. Please save me now. Come into my heart and life to be my Lord and Savior. 
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