Monday, September 8, 2014

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Everyday People
by Carolyn K. Erwin

Everyday he walks the streets
head down low with no place to go
looking for life with meaning
around every corner;
but every corner looks just like the next.

What's it gonna take for him to shake
years of neglect from his clothes?
"Hey brother, can you spare a dime," he pleads
as he holds out his hand for the hundredth time.
Until he gets enough to buy the wine
that eats a hole in his aspirations
and leaves him on the street stone cold.
Just sober enough to face another day.

But for him a new day never dawns.
It's the same old day repeated 364 times,
new street corner, different part of town.
For someone going nowhere fast,
boy, he sure gets around.

I wonder what goes on inside his head?
If he keeps on living like this
he'll end up dead,
sooner than he wants to be.
But is that so bad?
At least, he'll be out his misery.

You see people like him on the street everyday
and what do you think?
Do you say, "Gee that guy sure stinks.
He should go somewhere and take a bath."
Excuse me, you can run your mouth
but not lend a hand to help
someone whose fallen so low down
he can't pick his own self up.
Instead of criticizin,' try apologizin'
for your glad it ain't me attitude.

Aren't you the one Jesus saved
from a deep, dark pit?
Put clothes on your back,
shoes on your feet
and made you Kingdom fit?

So now you walk around
eyes cast down
pretending not to see
the misery that surrounds you.

Oh what, you too cute
to give a brother the time of day?
How long would it take
to share the Good News and pray
for God to deliver him by his grace,
put him back on his feet,
in his rightful place.

He's an heir to the Kingdom
just like you.
Different strokes for different folks.
We're all just everyday people
in need of Jesus everyday.